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 Welcome to our colorful world for children.

Welcome to Afterschool Buddy®, Inc., a full-service, multimedia production company and future home of the exciting "Adventures with Afterschool Buddy & the Gang®". We saw a need for fresh, new, innovative children's programming to inspire the next generation to greater heights. Our mission is to provide television programs, internet content, music & books that educate and entertain children everywhere with important life lessons that continue long after the school day is over.

With a global outlook and a quest to show every child the world, Afterschool Buddy® and our beloved "family" of Jake Poodles®, Manny Cat®, Aunt Junk® and The Rainbow Kids® are ready to launch more amazing adventures in 2013. We will showcase multi-cultural diversity, teach important lessons about the environment, show children how to respect themselves and others, teach health & wellness tips, and show children how to care for those wonderful companions--our pets. Come along with us for an exciting ride that children, parents, teachers will never forget. "It's Afterschool Buddy® & the Gang. Hey! It's Afterschool Buddy® & the Gang!" Call 412-486-2151 for more information.
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